Governance & Compliance for Kubernetes Clusters & Applications

Ensure K8s Clusters and Modern Apps Comply with Your Policies

Ensure and audit the consistency of your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications to comply with corporate policies and industry regulations

Automate Governance and Compliance for Kubernetes Clusters & Modern Applications

As infrastructure complexity grows it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure your infrastructure complies with enterprise policies and industry regulations. With Rafay, enterprises easily create repeatable and auditable workflows using approved templates for clusters and applications.

Features for Kubernetes Clusters

Cluster Templates

Standardize and govern the specifications required for cluster creation with reusable templates. Apply them across your infrastructure and either block or get notified when target clusters are noncompliant.

Cluster Blueprints

Standardize and govern clusters with a reusable list of ecosystem and proprietary add-ons. Apply them across your infrastructure and either block or get notified when clusters are noncompliant.

Centralized Policy Management

Enforce compliance with centrally specified OPA policies. Automatically detect violations and drive remediation

Cluster Drift Detection and Blocking

Detect, get notified, and/or block out of band changes to cluster level resources such as namespaces

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Implement policies to automate backup of clusters

End-to-End Audit Trail

Centralized and immutable audit logs of all user activity on a fleet of clusters including zero trust kubectl access. Intuitive reverse chronological view of audit logs for analytics. Stream audit logs to corporate SIEM platforms such as Splunk for long term log retention and forensics.

Features for Modern Applications

Policy-Driven Multi-Cluster Deployment

Centrally configure policies to drive automated deployment decisions for, e.g., deploy to all clusters matching a location, label etc.

Drift Detection and Blocking

Detect, get notified, and/or block out of band changes to the application on clusters

Enterprise Catalog

The enterprise app catalog allows admins to create and maintain a list of curated applications authorized to be used across the organization.

Workload Templates

Standardize and govern applications with reusable templates

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Implement policies to automate backup of application data

Resource Management

Centrally configure and manage resource quotas for namespaces. E.g. developer sandboxes

Key Benefits of Adding Governance and Compliance to Your Infrastructure

Prove Compliance with Policies & Regulations

With templates, drift detection and full-auditability, prove compliance with internal company policies and industry regulations such as HIPAA and PCI

Reduce Risk of Breaches and Fines

Know exactly when Kubernetes clusters and modern applications differ from approved configurations and block or remedy them immediately

Gain Visibility and Auditability

Actively monitor and fully audit configurations across your entire fleet of clusters and apps across your entire infrastructure

Increase Repeatability & Reliability

Create consistent workflows and configurations for Kubernetes clusters and modern applications that can be reused and enforced globally

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