Multi-Cluster Management

Enterprise-Grade Lifecycle Management for your K8s Infrastructure

Rafay’s K8s Multi-Cluster Management Service provides all the features enterprises need to manage the entire lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters deployed in data centers, public clouds and remote/edge locations.

Automate Deployment and Manage the Lifecycle of 100s of Clusters

Rafay’s K8s Multi-Cluster Management Service provides lifecycle management and blueprinting support for managed Kubernetes services, such as Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, for packaged offerings such as RedHat OpenShift, and for upstream Kubernetes deployments. This service also incorporates logs/metrics collection, storage management, secrets management, and more.

Automate provisioning to deploy clusters and apps fast

Improve repeatability & reliability with standardized clusters

Manage lifecycle of 1 or 100s of clusters with ease

Shore up your Kubernetes skills gap

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Deploy, manage, and upgrade all of your Kubernetes clusters from a single console across all of your on-premise, bare metal, public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP), and remote/edge environments.

Create, Provision and Update Clusters Based on Blueprints

Centrally specify and manage configurations (in Git) for clusters encompassing security policy and software add-ons such as service mesh, ingress controllers, monitoring, logging, and backup and restore solutions. Blueprints and add-on lifecycle management can easily be applied to greenfield and brownfield clusters centrally. Blueprints can also be shared across multiple teams for centralized governance of add-ons deployed across the fleet.

Automated Kubernetes Cluster Upgrades

Upgrade your on-premise and cloud (EKS, AKS, etc.) clusters with a single click with Rafay, including all supporting components needed to power Kubernetes distributions.. Preflight checks are automatically performed before clusters are upgraded, ensuring that customer applications aren’t impacted due to upgrades. Commensurately, post-upgrade validation checks are also performed to ensure nodes are ready and pods are running post upgrades.
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Sample K8s Operations POC Test Plan

Customize this plan for your K8s Operations POC

Kubernetes Add-on Integrations

Rafay includes turnkey (i.e., no code) integrations with dozens of technologies across the Kubernetes ecosystem to fit within your existing workflows. Immediately connect to the most popular single sign-on (SSO), CI/CD, secrets management, monitoring solutions and more.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Rafay is designed and developed with an API-first philosophy. Platform teams can automate all the workflows and capabilities discussed above via the Rafay API, Rafay’s CLI or via Rafay’s Terraform Provider.