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Streamlining EKS Cluster Lifecycle Management on AWS

Provisioning your first EKS cluster on AWS is the start of a journey called cluster lifecycle management. Each provisioned cluster will need ongoing maintenance, upgrades and support. And as the number of clusters increases so does the time and cost of managing them across your enterprise. So how do you best scale your Kubernetes operations without being tied down by time-consuming day 2 operations?

May’s K8s Office Hours with Amazon to answer this question and more. Amazon’s Partner Solution Architect, Andrew Park and Rafay’s VP of Product, Mohan Atreya described best practices for streamlining EKS cluster lifecycle management. By watching you will learn:

  • What EKS cluster lifecycle management on AWS entails
  • The top day 2 cluster lifecycle pitfalls to avoid
  • Best practices from real deployments to streamline cluster lifecycle management

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