Unleashing Developer & Cloud Ops Superpowers: Boost Productivity with Next-Level Infrastructure

Platform teams and IT organizations want to enable developers to move faster, but lack of standardization and automation in infrastructure operations can cause delays, sprawl, and unnecessary complexity. If left unchecked, these issues can actually reduce productivity for developers and operations, inhibit scaling, and cause difficulties in talent retention.

To address these challenges, organizations must prioritize building standards and automation. This entails providing standardized clusters, namespaces, and landing zones as services, as well as other automated services that enable developers to focus on coding while empowering ops teams to manage platform health effectively. By streamlining infrastructure provisioning and management, businesses can:

  • Accelerate project timelines
  • Reduce complexity
  • Foster a culture of innovation

Join Steve Griffith, a Cloud Architect and Principal Specialist on Microsoft Azure’s Global Black Belt team, and Anirban Chatterjee, Head of Product Marketing at Rafay Systems, as they delve into practical strategies for enhancing developer and cloud ops productivity in the cloud era.


Steve Griffith

Steve Griffith

Cloud Architect and Principal Specialist on Microsoft Azure's Global Black Belt Team

Anirban Chatterjee

Anirban Chatterjee

Head of Product Marketing at Rafay Systems

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