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Rafay and Edge Gravity by Ericsson at MWC 2019

Edge computing is a fundamental shift that is happening in our industry right now. It is driven by all the applications that are super low-latency, interactive and personalized. These applications, to be effective, need compute to be operated closer to users and endpoints. This massive shift is driving a new industry.

Rafay is a Container Delivery Network platform.  Rafay is like a CDN, but for containerized Microservices. We target applications that are latency sensitive, personalized and interactive. Rafay’s platform is designed for developers so they easily deploy those applications close to users and endpoints.

Edge computing is not a market where one company is going to solve the entire stack. Rather, it is going to take an eco-system of partners coming together to solve problems for customers, application owners and application developers. That is why I was speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2019 with Ericsson Edge Gravity to discuss how we can deploy the Rafay platform across the world with Edge Gravity.

Haseeb Budhani at Mobile World Congress 2019


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