Kubernetes Addon Catalog

Curate a Standard Set of Kubernetes Software Addons Org-wide

Quickly integrate new Kubernetes software addons with clusters and allow admins to curate a catalog of apps developers can deploy in clusters.

Quickly Integrate and Configure New Kubernetes Software Addons Within Your Clusters

The Kubernetes addon catalog has hundreds of software addons you can deploy in your clusters within minutes. Rafay has streamlined the setup process and offers software addons for everything from monitoring and logging to security and backup. Some of the more popular software addons include Datadog, Nginx, Sysdig, and Velero.

Create One or More Custom Catalogs to Meet the Various Software Needs of Different Organizations

Rafay has built a pre-approved enterprise catalog that includes software addons for everything needed to run enterprise-grade Kubernetes. Administrators can also create a curate multiple custom catalogs to meet the specific needs of multiple organizations within the enterprise.

Standardize And Share Catalogs Across Projects And Teams

Share and enforce a standard catalog with teams across the organization to ensure every cluster has the required software addons, no matter which application team or business unit the cluster belongs to. This ensures all cluster configurations are the same, reduces support costs, and helps reduce cluster drift across your entire fleet.

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The 2022 Top Kubernetes Addons In The Enterprise

Learn About the Essential Addons for Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes

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