Managed Amazon EKS

Leverage the deepest EKS integration on the market

Rafay’s deep EKS integration enables enterprises to securely manage all their EKS clusters – across all regions – from a single pane of glass, while leveraging every EKS feature they expect to leverage. Be it spot-based worker node provisioning or secure application deployment across multiple EKS clusters configured with private endpoints, Rafay is the ideal Kubernetes management platform for enterprises operating Kubernetes clusters in Amazon.

With Rafay for Amazon EKS, you can:

Accelerate Your Migration To AWS

Do you have a deadline by which you need to migrate modern applications to Amazon? With Rafay, your Amazon EKS clusters will be up and running in minutes (including spot instances), and your apps will be deployed in even less time

Single Pane of Glass Management Across AWS Regions & On-Prem

Manage your entire cluster fleet from a single pane of glass - across AWS Regions & on-prem. Leverage a single, consistent console to deploy, view and manage clusters and workloads across all your clusters, deployed on-premises and on AWS

Implement Enterprise-Grade Security In AWS

Rafay’s zero-trust architecture for Kubernetes enables enterprises to cloak their Kubernetes API endpoints on AWS without impacting CI/CD and developer workflows

Address Your Kubernetes Skills Gap

Partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts to jump-start your Amazon EKS journey

Key Features for Managing Amazon EKS

Rafay’s deep Amazon EKS integration means you have one console for provisioning & managing the lifecycle of your Kubernetes clusters across AWS regions

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Deploy, manage, and upgrade all of your Amazon EKS clusters in any AWS region using Rafay’s self-service workflows

Spot Instance Optimization

Save costs using spot instances for worker nodes. Admins can leverage built-in Rafay workflows for instance-type diversification, automated instance interruption handling, and leveraging auto-scaling groups.

Nodes and Nodegroups

Easily provision both managed and unmanaged nodegroups, and manage nodegroup scaling up and down to zero, as needed

Secure Zero-Trust Access

Manage EKS clusters without inbound access to VPCs or without setting up bastions, while keeping EKS control planes private. Rafay leverages mutually authenticated TLS channels that are spawned dynamically and are tied to enterprise identity systems

SSO & Role-based Access Control

Rafay supports secure AWS credentials as well as delegated IAM capabilities for one-click provisioning/scaling/deprovisioning workflows

Add-On Policies

Easily configure add-on policies for services such as Amazon ECR, AppMesh, ALB Ingress Controller, etc., through Rafay’s multi-cluster management portal

Standardize Clusters & Workflows

Use Rafay to easily create and apply cluster blueprints across your fleet of Kubernetes clusters across Amazon, data centers and the edge

Centralized Logging & Monitoring

Rafay provides built-in, detailed audit trails for administrative activities across all EKS clusters as well as intuitive, integrated monitoring, visualization and alerts for all EKS clusters under management

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Simplifying Amazon EKS Deployments & Operation

Learn how to accelerate Kubernetes & streamline Amazon EKS

"Rafay not only helped us with a product that can manage all the Kubernetes deployments from one central location but also shared the best practices for running applications."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"Rafay gives me the ability to manage my globally distributed clusters in one place."

Alec Rooney


"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Management coupled with their deep Kubernetes and DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase our development velocity."

Mike Kail