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Rafay Enhances Kubernetes Operations Platform with Enterprise-Grade Security, Standardization and Automation Capabilities

Over the past several years we’ve experienced a tremendous amount of change in the Kubernetes management and container orchestration market. Years ago, Kubernetes was used to support a relatively small number of clusters in lab environments, handling mostly corner use cases, and seen as a simple cluster management tool that was used by DevOps and IT Ops. But times have changed. Today, Kubernetes is supporting a much larger number of clusters in production environments, handling enterprise-wide, mission-critical use cases, and is now seen as a strategic part of the IT infrastructure with C-suite oversight.

As a result of this shift, an enterprise’s requirements for Kubernetes management have changed. And since Rafay was born in this latest era, the Rafay Kubernetes Management Cloud was designed to meet these enterprise-grade requirements from day 1 with a SaaS approach and a focus on turnkey workflows, Zero-Trust security, and enterprise-grade support.

Today, I’m extremely excited to announce that we are deepening our enterprise-grade capabilities with the following new enhancements to the Rafay Kubernetes Management Cloud (KMC):

Private Datapath to ZTKA for Security & Policy Enforcement

Rafay’s newly added support for private datapaths to ZTKA allows companies for the first time to more easily comply with security policies while continuing to leverage a SaaS-based Kubernetes management platform such as Rafay. Companies in regulated industries at times find themselves unable to leverage a cloud-based datapath for access to critical infrastructure even though the platform in use natively offers end-to-end security and encryption capabilities. With this new industry-first capability, enterprises can enjoy the best of both worlds for Kubernetes management: leverage a SaaS platform with a heightened security and privacy model for all Kubernetes control-plane interactions. For more information on Zero-Trust Kubectl Access visit

Cluster Blueprinting for Cluster Standardization Across Fleets

Rafay’s newly added cluster blueprinting capability for configuration enforcement across cluster fleets, and configuration reconciliation and drift detection for applications help enterprises simplify ongoing operations for Kubernetes environments. With cluster blueprints, enterprises can rapidly provision standardized Kubernetes clusters that are automatically configured with enterprise-sanctioned tools across clouds and data centers, a major issue faced by infrastructure operations teams as part of day-2 activities. With configuration reconciliation and drift detection for applications, infrastructure operations teams can ensure that no unsanctioned or erroneous configuration changes are made in production environments. These capabilities make it easy for enterprises to streamline deployments and enforce standard application and cluster configurations across their infrastructure, setting a new standard in Kubernetes management. For more information on Cluster Blueprints visit

GitOps Support for Infrastructure Provisioning and Management

Rafay’s newly added support for infrastructure provisioning and management via GitOps makes it easy for customers already leveraging Rafay’s builtin GitOps pipelines for application deployment to implement an end-to-end automation methodology. GitOps is an efficient and effective approach to continuous deployment that leverages a Git repository as the source of truth, allowing for a declarative approach to infrastructure and application lifecycle management. For more information about GitOps support visit

The latest round of additions to the Rafay KMC is focused on helping enterprises securely manage Kubernetes clusters across clouds and data centers, standardize Kubernetes fleets, and automate both application and infrastructure deployments at scale. You can read the entire announcement on Business Wire.

If you are looking for an enterprise-grade Kubernetes management solution, I invite you to sign up and try it for free.



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