Rafay Introduces Environment Manager to Automate Environment Provisioning and Accelerate Modern Application Deployment from Code to Cloud

Available with Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform, the New Offering Will Provide
Developer Self-service Capabilities for Environment Provisioning While Delivering Control and Governance to Platform Teams

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – March 21, 2023Rafay Systems, the leading platform provider for Kubernetes Management and Operations, today introduced Environment Manager, a solution that empowers enterprise platform teams to improve the developer experience by delivering self-service capabilities for provisioning full-stack environments. Environment Manager drives seamless collaboration between platform teams and developers by enabling developers to provision modern application stacks from environment blueprints that are curated, tested and continuously managed by platform teams. Integrated with Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP), Environment Manager enhances the developer experience by abstracting the complexity and reducing the time required to provision and access Kubernetes-based environments, while enabling platform teams to operate the same Kubernetes practice that runs in their organization today.

“The current environment provisioning process is riddled with inefficiencies, and lacks simplicity and standardization – this is having direct implications on application delivery,” said Mohan Atreya, SVP of products and services for Rafay Systems. “Teams are spending anywhere from 3 to 6 months to deploy an application, from code-complete to production, hindering a company’s ability to realize the benefits of modern applications. Environment Manager will help companies move orders of magnitude faster, providing a standardized, automated process for both platform teams and developers.”

Current Methods for Provisioning Environments Slow Down Innovation

Speed of innovation is often compromised by the complexity platform teams experience from provisioning environments. In fact, research released today by Rafay shows that 1 in 4 organizations reportedly take three months or longer to deploy a modern application or service due to challenges with provisioning environments – and the majority of respondents in the study (61%) indicated that environment provisioning is a major roadblock to accelerating the timeframe for application deployments.

Developers also face challenges with environment provisioning that inhibit their ability to deploy an application or service from code-complete to production in their ideal amount of time. They are hampered by the complexity of service dependencies when connecting modern Kubernetes applications to other cloud resources such as object storage, caches and databases. The time spent learning dependencies and low-level infrastructure components is a burden to engineering organizations whose goal is to move faster and deliver business outcomes.

Environment Manager Simplifies Environment Provisioning and Management for Enterprises

A purpose-built solution for platform teams, Rafay’s Environment Manager provides developers with a seamless, self-service experience to provision environments and delivers the following benefits:

  • Self-service interface abstracts infrastructure complexity. A self-service interface provisions full-fledged infrastructure stacks and deploys cloud-native applications to environments, abstracting complexity for developers that increase the productivity and efficiency of the software delivery lifecycle.
  • Environment blueprints govern organization-wide environment standards. Teams can reuse and share environment and resource blueprints built from simple declarative specs. This empowers platform teams to define standards aligned with organizational needs, including service dependencies, access controls, global variable contexts, environment timelines and required configuration parameters.
  • Fully integrated with Kubernetes operations support multiple teams at scale. Environment Manager provides best-in-class management, automation and controls for Kubernetes-based environments to support multiple development teams at scale, including shared clusters, network isolation policies, OPA policy management and cost management. This includes managing and orchestrating dependencies between Kubernetes resources and any cloud-based asset such as object storage, databases and queues.
  • Flexible Terraform support provides seamless infrastructure configuration. Users can leverage their own Terraform agent, including support for high-availability and history of Terraform plans and runs. This includes consumption of Terraform modules into resource blueprints.
  • Maintain role-based access control across the organization. Centralized environment blueprints can be shared with different development teams, while maintaining isolation boundaries between varying developer projects and environments. Teams can also delegate environment creation and modifications to individual developers or DevOps personnel.
  • GitOps support increases infrastructure automation. The blueprints and environments managed in Git can automatically synchronize changes from code, thus increasing overall automation and efficiency, while reducing configuration errors.

“Deploying applications today is a complex task for modern enterprises. Developer innovation is hampered by complicated, time-consuming and manual environment provisioning while platform teams are challenged with the lack of standardization to deploy and manage environments. Rafay’s self-service solution to both problems empower platform teams and developers to build and provision environments quickly and, ultimately, innovate faster,” concluded Atreya.


  • Rafay Environment Manager will be available to customers globally later this year.
  • To learn more, read this blog post and schedule a demo at KubeCon.

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