Kubernetes Operations Platform for MSPs

Provide Customers with a Modern Approach to Managing Modern Infrastructure

Only Rafay delivers a white-labeled, multi-tenant PaaS solution to help your customers operate Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications

Create New Offerings and Revenue Streams by Helping Enterprises Modernize

Multi-Cluster Management Service

Enables the lifecycle management and blueprinting support for managed Kubernetes services, such as Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, as well as offerings such as Rancher and RedHat OpenShift.

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GitOps Service

Enables infrastructure orchestration and application deployment through multi-stage, git-triggered pipelines.

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Zero-Trust Access Service

Enables controlled, audited access for developers, SREs and automation systems to Kubernetes infrastructure, with just-in-time service account creation and user-level credentials management.

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Kubernetes Policy Management Service

Enables policy management for clusters via the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework for Kubernetes security and governance.

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Backup & Restore Service

Enables disaster recovery and migration of the Kubernetes control plane and application data.

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Visibility & Monitoring Service

Enables development, operations and security/governance teams to visualize and monitor modern apps and underlying Kubernetes infrastructure through dedicated dashboards.

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Launch modern applications faster with the world’s first Kubernetes Operations Platform

With Rafay, MSPs allow enterprises to leverage a single operations platform for cluster and app lifecycle management. Rafay empowers development, DevOps, Ops/SRE and security teams to carry out their function easily, resulting in faster deployments of new apps to production, reduced app downtimes, and elimination of security & compliance risk associated with their infrastructure. With Rafay, all stakeholders are able to take advantage of 4 key sets of capabilities -- across both infrastructure and applications:



Streamline operations by automating the provisioning, add-on configuration, upgrading, service-account management, and ecosystem integrations for Kubernetes clusters in any cloud, in data centers or at the Edge


Streamline operations by automating deployment of containerized apps via GitOps and templating methodologies for multi-cluster deployment and easy promotion of workloads from dev to pre-prod to prod environments. Leverage built-in ecosystem integrations to ensure developers are able to debug apps in any environment with ease.

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Ensure operational security for your Kubernetes clusters across the cloud with Rafay’s zero-trust security and connectivity model. Make your enterprise SSO system the source of truth for all K8s access across data centers and clouds, while enabling seamless kubectl access for operators and developers. The platform delivers lifecycle management of kubeconfigs, service accounts, and user roles.


Ensure operational security for your application deployment workflows through a turnkey role-based access control model for developers and DevOps engineers. Allow developers controlled access to sensitive infrastructure with full auditing and read-only policies that can be applied on demand.

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Operations and security teams enjoy enterprise-wide, team-specific and per-cluster views via the Rafay platform. They are also able to drill down into each cluster’s resources, visualize container-level events, get visibility into per-cluster alerts, and more.


Developers enjoy extensive visibility and debugging features for applications deployed in both pre-production and production clusters from a single pane of glass or from their favorite terminal (x-term). Developers also get deep events and error details on their apps (pod level, object level, view of all resources), and more.

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Make cluster creation, configuration and update processes repeatable and auditable with Rafay’s cluster lifecycle management methodologies. Customers can consume these features via UI, CLI, Terraform provider or the Rafay API.


Ensure reliable, controlled deployment of applications to one or more clusters via Rafay’s native GitOps capabilities or via Rafay’s built-in integration with all of the popular continuous integration (CI) tools used by customers. All deployment activity is controlled by Rafay’s zero-trust RBAC model, and all actions are audited.

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Zero-Trust Security Architecture

The KOP’s unique Zero-Trust Architecture doesn’t require inbound access to your Kubernetes clusters. This means less management for the MSP. Rafay’s Zero-Trust Kubectl Access (ZTKA) governs kubectl activity by end-users as well as CI/CD systems with role-based access control and user-level auditing of all actions.

Leverage the Power of a PaaS Solution for Kubernetes Cluster and App Lifecycle Management

As enterprises modernize their applications, they are quickly realizing the significant increase in the cost and resources required to operationally manage Kubernetes clusters and modern application lifecycles. Rafay’s SaaS-first approach enables MSPs to get to market fast, thus speeding your customers' digital transformation initiatives while keeping operating costs low. Benefits of a cloud approach include:


Rafay’s platform has consistently maintained >99.99% uptime

Fast time to K8s

Gain the benefits of Kubernetes in hours, not months

Operational Scalability

Easily manage hundreds of clusters and apps in software-defined groups with no management needed for administrative clusters

Zero-Trust Security

Cloak your K8s API endpoints so they’re never visibible on the Internet, and centrally configure role-based access control for easy access to any cluster, anywhere

Deployment Flexibility

Leverage the cloud or deploy the platform in air-gapped environments

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Simplifying Amazon EKS Operations

Learn how to streamline Amazon EKS operations

"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business

"Rafay’s thought leadership and white glove support has been fantastic."

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"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Operations & deep DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase development velocity."

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"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

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